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BLACK WATER, SAFE HARBOR's sequel,from Imajin Books.

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Financial planner Pat Tierney is more than ready for a summer away from work. But when her teenage daughter announces that she is pregnant, and a friend is pegged by police as their prime suspect in a murder investigation, she realizes the summer is not off to a good start. When victims of a cottage-rental scam start turning up at her door, she knows her dream summer has turned into a nightmare.

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Black Water

When Pat Tierney's daughter, Tracy, asks her to help find Tracy's partner, Jamie Collins, their mother-daughter relationship is stretched to the limits. Pat heads out to cottage country where an elderly man, who killed Jamie’s sister in an impaired driving accident years ago, has perished in a suspicious fire. Unfortunately, Jamie is the prime suspect.

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Safe Harbor

A frightened woman barges into financial advisor Pat Tierney’s office with a shocking request: Look after my boy; he’s your late husband’s son. The next day the woman is murdered and police say the seven-year-old may be the killer’s next target.

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The Toronto Chapter of Sisters in Crime  celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2012 with this anthology of twenty stories penned by fifteen Canadian crime writers. There are amateur sleuths and professionals–cops, private detectives and one or two you won’t see coming.

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Available in paperback on Lulu.

Rosemary McCracken, author and journalist.

Rosemary McCracken is a Canadian journalist. Born and raised in Montreal, she has worked on newspapers across Canada as a reporter, arts reviewer, editorial writer and editor.

She is now a freelance journalist based in Toronto, and specializes in personal finance and the financial services industry. She advocates greater investor protection, and improved financial services industry regulation and enforcement.

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