Rosemary McCracken

2 edition ebook; July 4, 2018
ISBN: 978-1772420968
2 edition paperback; June 30, 2018

Raven Lake


Financial planner Pat Tierney’s dream vacation in cottage country turns into a nightmare when the body of an elderly woman is discovered in a storage locker. Pat’s friend, Bruce Stohl, is the murdered woman’s son, and when he is pegged by police as their prime suspect, Pat rallies to find his mother’s killer.

Meanwhile, a con artist as targeted cottages in the area, and vacationers are arriving only to learn they are victims of a rental scam. When disgruntled renters show up at her door, Pat fears for her family’s safety.

She must navigate treacherous waters to protect those who are dear to her.

Praise for Raven Lake

"When a rug-wrapped human body is found in a storage locker, Pat Tierney is dragged into the murky waters of ancient jealousies, financial chicanery, property rental scams and family betrayals. Watching Rosemary McCracken’s, smart, cool protagonist explore the depths of the mystery and swim for the surface will keep your nerves taut and your heart pounding. Don’t miss Raven Lake!"
Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mystery series

"Pat Tierney has become one of my favorite characters. She and her family feel like friends. In Raven Lake, Rosemary McCracken weaves an intricate story that will keep you guessing until the satisfying ending. All of her characterizations are totally believable. As usual, the rural Ontario setting is pitch-perfect."
Maureen Jennings, author of the Detective Murdoch mystery series

"Raven Lake is a beautifully written, heartfelt story. Rosemary McCracken weaves a compelling mystery, taking readers hostage to the action-packed conclusion."
Rick Mofina, bestselling author of Free Fall

"On the cusp of an exciting new turn in her life, Pat Tierney is looking forward to an idyllic summer at the cottage. Until, that is, the body of a woman is found under strange circumstances. As the mystery deepens, Pat discovers that the friendliness of neighbors and colleagues is only skin deep, and people harbor frightening secrets. Raven Lake kept me reading long into the night."
D.J. McIntosh, Globe and Mail bestselling author of the Mesopotamian Antiquities Trilogy

"Tierney’s latest adventure, Raven Lake, is a gripping read from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down. Pat is an engaging heroine I’d love to have as a friend: she’s warm, ethical and fearless.  In this third book in the series, she deals with a family crisis while trying to clear a friend who has been pegged by police as a prime suspect in a murder. Rosemary McCracken draws on her financial journalism background to warn and educate us about the dark frauds at the heart of the mystery. Readers may never feel safe again in sunny cottage country."
M.H. Callway, award-winning author of
Windigo Fire


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